Happy Clients

We love our clients. Yep, even the difficult ones because we know that running your business to meet your high standards can be frustrating. Come and see why our clients stay with us longer than most.

“April is AMAZING! I’d definitely recommend for big projects.”

Jess Ryan

Life Coach

“She is professional and responsive to your needs. Has great ideas and is prompt in service.”

Teresa Loudenslager

Coaching at Life's Shore

As an entrepreneur that has worked alone for many years, I can’t deny that the thought of handing over details of my business was a bit scary.

Then I met April and I immediately knew that me (and my business) could not be in better hands!

She was able to quickly assess what I needed and made recommendations to help implement systems and strategies to make my business run more efficiently.

April & her team will treat your business as if it’s their own. Her team members are warm and friendly with clients and are adept at handling even the most challenging situations.

If you’re still not sure if hiring a VA is right for you, my advice is to just dive right in. Your business will thank you!

Heidi Hapanowicz

Personal Brand Photographer, Heidi Hapanowicz Personal Branding Photography

Hiring April was the best thing I ever did for my new business. I was knowledgeable about everything relating to what I do on a daily basis but had no idea how to put it all together, start things right from the beginning, and run my company as a business rather than a one-person show. My biggest fear was having someone say “well you should have done it this way” after I had already been doing it wrong for a great deal of time. Bringing April on as a consultant at the very beginning eliminated those issues.

April and her team have continually listened to my questions and offered excellent advice. Their knowledge of different software/programs and ways to efficiently use my time have been invaluable. EntreLeverage is the team I go to whenever I have any new challenges and opportunities for my business as I know they will have all the correct answers and guide me every step of the way.

I know my business would not be where it is after this short amount of time if it hadn’t been for April and her team! Kari Boettner

Transaction Coordinator, Virtual Realty Services

April keeps my business running with tech and systems organization and Melissa is my virtual confidant and cheerleader (in addition to writing better emails than I could ever hope to!).  To reduce it to the tasks they perform doesn’t fully encompass the peace of mind and momentum their support affords me.  They have freed me up to think even bigger about my business.

Mindy Crary

Finance Coach, Creative Money

April is so talented! She was a huge help when I got my business started, and she has helped tremendously with strategy since it has launched. If you want to get your business into action fast, April is your go-to coach…she will not allow you to get stuck in the planning stage. Every time I interact with April, I can tell that her heart is in her work…that comes across in everything that she does! She is always professional and responsive; she has over-delivered with every interaction I’ve had with her. Melissa Gaines

Online Business Manager, Melissa Gaines, OBM

In just one 30-minute consultation, April reminded me how important it is to have an online presence, encouraged me to communicate my service in a way that felt most authentic to me, and re-prioritized the ‘business side’ of my ‘to do’ list. April has the ability to quickly get to the core of who you are and then she inspires you to build your business from there.

Brandi Iryshe

Attorney, Iryshe Immigration, LLC

April is a Rockstar! Her support and golden advice catered to my needs and everything we did was exactly what I needed. April is that caring individual, with a wealth of knowledge, tons of experience, and the personal touch that makes me comfortable and confident that I can take on the world. I never would have stopped hiding behind planning and taken the steps forward without her. Thanks so much April! I was so uncertain before I met you and everything you said was golden. Brianna Pulliam

Virtual Assistant to Musicians, Simply B Solutions

“She gets things done and offers some great insights on improvements – often going above and beyond to make something the best!” Stefan West


“After a year of trial and error, I signed up with April and after my first session I had clarity and understanding of what I was doing wrong and so much I was missing. April is a solid business woman, great personality and full of knowledge. She is not afraid to show you what you need to do to move out of your own way and she is willing to re-invest in you. By the time April and I finished our sessions – I knew I wanted to start over and re-brand myself with the knowledge that I had gained. April and her team are professional, knowledgeable and sharp individuals. I plan on stalking…, I mean working with her for a long time.”

“April is very knowledgeable in her field and her coaching makes you feel like you can move forward in your business.”

Tracy Carson

Emotional Baggage Coach, Te L - Business Solutions

How do you hire for a position you know don’t know how to do yourself?  That was my conundrum when I was ready to hire a VA.  I knew the services I needed but short of doing a google search and randomly picking someone, how do you know who to hire?

Luckily, I got to watch April “in business mode” and knew immediately we were a match.  April’s passion and skill were evident from the moment she pulled up the website she’d been asked to access.  April asked intelligent questions that allowed her to understand the business owners objectives and then began immediately enumerating changes that would streamline the site and encourage visitors to interact in a positive manner.

We immediately formed a partnership.  She rebuilt my website and has been an invaluable resource as I learn the administrative part of running a small business.  She invests in your business the way you invest in your business.  She defines the word partner and I encourage you to make use of her brilliance.

Melinda Sohns

Emotional Baggage Coach, Turning Yourself Inside Out Coaching

I worked with April as a mentor and coach to help me get through an online programme. I was stuck in overwhelm, there was so much information to process I didn’t know where to start. Working with April helped me clear the fog and achieve my goals, which I had on my to-do list for over a year! We worked together for only 30 days and the transformation of my business was phenomenal. She knew and understood what I wanted and helped me to get there.  Just working with April enabled me to have the right mindset. It’s brilliant working with a successful business woman, that has accomplished so much.

Tanya Daye

Online Business Managr, Clear View Administration

April and Melissa,

Just a note to say thanks for prompting me to submit to Tiny Buddha.  I haven’t had a chance to submit my final post, but I did submit to Elephant Journal AND GOT ACCEPTED yesterday!!

Here’s my article: http://www.elephantjournal.com/2014/12/i-swear-this-year-will-be-different-a-sacral-chakra-guide-to-the-holidays/

I think I would have waited if it hadn’t been for your nudge.  THANK YOU!

Jess Ryan, MS, E-RYT

Jess Ryan

Yoga, Life Coaching, Reiki, Doula, MS, E-RYT, Our Real Work

April helped me take my business to the next level! When I think of April, one word comes to mind, “Genuine”. She genuinely wants to help you succeed in your business! April is an awesome coach, she gives great direction and tips. I would highly recommend April at EntreLeverage to anyone looking for business coaching.

Kim Burke

Real Estate Transaction Manager, Assist My Real Estate Biz

You’ve opened a new passion in me that I knew was there, but didn’t know how to get to it. Just in our time talking, my vision for my business is continuing to grow. Thank you so much for listening and teaching me how to step up and step out on my vision and passion for what I do. I’ve gotten more done within this past week than the past year in my business. Thank you!!! Kristin Evans

Business Consultant, Andiamo Consulting

I have worked with April for several months and I highly recommend her.  She intuitively knows what I need, and she is able to translate my needs into results that work. I’m busy and I like that I am able to offload things that I need done, freeing me up to do what I’m good at – representing clients. Jim Duncan

Real Estate Agent, Nest Realty

“Thanks April,
You always get done what you say you will. And I appreciate how you listen and make sure each project is done properly. You are a true professional and you make things happen!” Ric McConnell

Life Coach, Clear Minded Coaching

“Responsive, timely, organized, engaging and a great systems person!”

Mindy Crary

Founder, Director of Advice, Creative Money

“I just signed a contract with a Virtual Assistant company to help manage my inbox and post my blog articles – paying an invoice never felt so right!”

entreleverage | april sullivan | online business manager | virtual assistant

“Thank you so much for all your team’s help! Even though we’re just getting started I am so happy! I have made dinner and done yard work twice in the last week and had moments when I thought “what do I want to do right now?” instead of being constantly in catch-up mode! Last night I came home from teaching a class and saw that a new person had scheduled AND paid and I’ve never even talked to them – it was such a thrill. 🙂 ” Jenn Scribner

GAPPS Diet Practioner, Body Wisdom Nutrition

April saved my sanity! At a time when business was improving, I was making a lot of changes in our office and it proved to be a stressful and unproductive time for me. April and her team were able to take over the important marketing tasks, set up systems and forms, and basically help me get a handle on things. My business is running smoothly and I can’t recommend her highly enough! Cheri Deihl

Real Estate Broker, Discovery Coast Real Estate

April has a unique ability to focus.  We all know what that means, but to truly focus, to discriminate between priorities is an uncommon skill, especially when you have a hard drive way larger than a personal ram to handle what’s on it…she’s dedicated, and she get’s the job done, no noise, no reasons, no excuses.

She’ll always let you know where she’s at with your demands and projects. Despite being so in demand she’s amazingly available and accessible and makes you feel important and listened to, which are again uncommon skills.

Thank you April for keep my joy of giving value to coaching clients ten times higher and making my career that much more fun and rewarding, you are my right arm. Thank you putting such a great team around me to boost my competence and confidence, and remove distractions.

John Davidson

Life Coach, Business Coach, High Level Performance

This is literally the BEST decision I have made since I decided to open my own company 5 years ago…I should have done this way before now! It’s weird to call April a “virtual assistant” because she isn’t “virtual” at all- she is a real person- a Mom just like me- succeeding in owning and running a business…I normally refer to her as my “remote” assistant… but it feels like she is right there with me every day. Thanks April- we have made the PERFECT team!! Paula Raymond

Real Estate Broker, Paula SOLD It

April Sullivan and her team has helped me with my social media strategy for real estate and I would recommend her to anyone who needs help like I did.

Jim Thrasher

Real Estate Broker, ERA Professional Real Estate

April has and can do it all in helping you with your marketing needs, and she is very up on all the latest trends.  April is personable, has high integrity, and is creative. Cynthia Marrone

Real Estate Broker, Cynthia Marrone Real Estate