Systems Assessment

Every business (yes, even yours) already has their systems in place. You want to make sure though, that you have the right systems in place that will allow your business to grow year after year.



Systems. You know having them in your business is important, but they take up so much time!

Maybe you have a project management system like Asana or Trello, but you know you’re not using it to its full potential, and you don’t want to use up an entire day trying to figure it out.

Maybe you have a CRM setup like Dubsado or Hubspot, but workflows are totally confusing, and you don’t understand all the pipelines, templates, and payment schedules just yet.

Maybe you’re trying to build an online course or membership site, but you’re stuck in the details and don’t know how to connect it all together.

Maybe you’re poised for world domination (woohoo!) but need some serious upleveling in the systems department.

Or maybe you’re approaching burnout because you’ve been at this for months, and there is

Don’t have a systems meltdown!

I have created my own system to get your systems in place once and for all.

This is your complete business roadmap, complete with easy button and celebratory glass of champagne at the end.

Imagine knowing that you have the exact systems and tools in place that are right for your unique business.

Imagine being excited instead of anxious when it’s time to bring on a new client because you have complete confidence in your systems.

Imagine having complete clarity, confidence, and consistency in all aspects of your business, freeing up your precious brain-space to create whatever it is you want to create.

Imagine knowing that this clarity, confidence, and consistency makes you stand out and get noticed as the true professional you are.

April has been my COO for years. She has the unique ability to truly focus and to discriminate between priorities. It is an uncommon skill, especially when you have a hard drive much larger than a personal ram (computer metaphor) to handle what’s on it…she’s dedicated, and she gets the job done.

She’s extremely organized and will always let you know the status of any projects. Despite being so in demand, she’s amazingly available and accessible and makes you feel important and listened to, which are again uncommon skills.

Thank you, April for keeping my joy of giving value to coaching clients ten times higher and making my career that much more fun and rewarding; you are my right arm. Thank you for putting such a great team around me to boost my competence and confidence, and remove distractions.

John Davidson

Executive Coach, High Level Performance