Strategic Growth

Make your mark in the online world and become well-known for what you do best. This proven step-by-step process will take you from completely unknown to nearly famous in as little as 90 days. This is a series of face-to-face sessions that will skyrocket your success.



April has been my COO for years. She has the unique ability to truly focus and to discriminate between priorities. It is an uncommon skill, especially when you have a hard drive much larger than a personal ram (computer metaphor) to handle what’s on it…she’s dedicated, and she gets the job done.

She’s extremely organized and will always let you know the status of any projects. Despite being so in demand, she’s amazingly available and accessible and makes you feel important and listened to, which are again uncommon skills.

Thank you, April for keeping my joy of giving value to coaching clients ten times higher and making my career that much more fun and rewarding; you are my right arm. Thank you for putting such a great team around me to boost my competence and confidence, and remove distractions.

John Davidson

Executive Coach, High Level Performance