When you run a busy business that has a lot of client deliverables (like we do here), tracking clients, projects, tasks, deadlines and “stuff” is all part of the game.

I just made the switch over to Basecamp from ActiveCollab (which I happily used for almost three years), but it is definitely lacking some of the creature comforts I was used to.  And because of that, I’ve been testing a LOT of tools to possibly replace Basecamp and get all of the perks that I think I need.

Today’s post is about Wunderlist Business Edition.*

With hundreds of productivity and list management tools available, it’s hard to break free from the crowd with a unique product. Fortunately, Wunderlist’s business edition of their already popular list tool for iOS and Android has surpassed expectations by offering a plethora of features to a growing user base of close to 50,000+ businesses.

Replacing Email 

While email in the office may never completely go away, Wunderlist is attempting to move a large portion of email communication to its desktop application to save time and increase communication efficiency. The desktop application stores conversations alongside task lists, so projects can be discussed in instant message format while modifying or changing a task list. 

Sharing Lists 

Wunderlist makes it easy to share lists with others. For example, every time you create a list, you can invite your team or clients to join the conversation and start contributing. Tasks within each list can then be assigned to members currently sharing the list, so there’s no confusion about responsibilities. 

Task Breakdowns 

Tasks that need additional information can be expanded to reveal options like file sharing and note taking. As you share a task or list with another Wunderlist user, you can expand the task to view continual updates regarding its completion. File sharing options let users upload drafts or revisions to the task so that coworkers can monitor progress. 

Additionally, comment sections let coworkers currently sharing the list to comment or make suggestions below the task for all to see. This helps move smaller, targeted conversations to within a task window instead of in the general conversation space.  

Social Features 

Familiar social features like notifications from team members help keep everyone involved in a project up-to-date about team members’ progress. Mobile notifications can be set to notify you when a task has been completed, or a new conversation has started in regards to an outstanding task. 

Email Extensions 

As mentioned, while Wunderlist is attempting to move conversations to its application, email can still be integrated into the program. Extensions for Gmail allow users to add tasks to Wunderlist, such as meetings or completed tasks, by clicking the “Add to Wunderlist” button added to the top of the inbox. 


The only potential downside to Wunderlist is the transfer time from an existing office management system. Offices have been using list and task management systems for years, and Wunderlist doesn’t offer any easy options to transfer or import tasks from an existing system.   This means tasks will have to be reassigned, and users will have to be invited to join their co-workers. 

Wunderlist packs a plethora of features into a small and beautiful application. While its simplicity won’t allow for multi-national corporation project completion, for small and medium-sized businesses looking for an easy way to communicate and monitor task completion, Wunderlist does exceedingly well.

Have you tried Wunderlist?  What do you think of it?

*affiliate link.  I don’t make money, but I will receive some free months of their pro version if you sign up with my link.

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