At this moment, I am sitting in the surgical waiting room at Loma Linda University Medical Center while my husband undergoes surgery on his ankle.  He broke his tibia, fibula, and talus jumping off the bow of our boat into water he didn’t realize was shallow (thanks, California drought!)

Because of this, my daily life has drastically changed.  I’m up at dawn cooking breakfast and making lunches for our four kids and driving the kids to school, a job that I was so grateful to have him take care of daily while I worked.  I rush home to make sure he’s comfy and fed, take him to doctor’s appointments, then run home to get some work in before I have to pick everyone up from school.  The we launch into the homework, chore, dinner, shower, bed routine.

It’s exhausting and insanely gratifying all at once.

As a business owner, times like these can make it nearly impossible to work.  And for most people, not working means not getting paid.

Fortunately for me, my team is able to step up and help me get things done while I can’t be there to do them all myself.  Things like checking my inbox to make sure clients don’t have unanswered questions.  Making sure all the details of a project are taken care of.  Making sure newsletters are sent out, or blog posts are published on time.  All I’ve had to do is handle consultations and check in once a day.

If you’re a control freak like me, you may be reading this and cringing at the same time.  I get it!  It’s hard to believe that anyone has the ability to take care of things in your absence the same way you will.  And you’re right, they won’t.  No one can take your place, and no one can serve your tribe the same way you can.

But the thing is, the right person, a professional who cares about doing things the right way can do a fantastic job for you when you can’t.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to bring in a small team to support you and your business.  You never know when the universe is going to throw a curve ball and take you out of your daily routine.  Get some help before you need it!

And just in case you think it’s too expensive to hire a pro team to have your back when you need it, call me up and I’ll let you know how affordable it is.

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