Trello provides users with an easy way to organize and share projects and information with other Trello users. It’s a free resource that can be used online or through the different apps they have on the market which are free to download. This makes it easy to take all the information on Trello anywhere using different devices. The apps can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. They also support Windows 8 and Kindle Fire (but I haven’t been able to get my Kindle Fire app to work).

How the project management space works.

The format consists of a list filled with cards that can either be used with a team or a single person. The design is visually appealing, which makes it easy to use. Users can drag and drop cards between lists to stay organized and show progress. An unlimited amount of boards and people can be added to each free account. Updates are made in real-time so everyone working on the projects can see the most recently updated card. There isn’t any additional setup required for viewing. All free users receive 10 megabytes of card attachments. Comments can also be posted by users for instant feedback and lists can be added or reordered as necessary.

Staying Productive and Organized

Trello is an excellent tool for productivity and organization. It’s a resource that can help users get what they need to do done. Files can be uploaded from Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, and OneDrive. Checklists, labels and due dates can all be added to a card. This can make it easy to stay on task and set future goals. Notifications are also sent out to keep track of all upcoming due dates.

Additional Features of Trello

There are also a few other features that can be utilized with a Trello account. However, they need to be turned on separately based on preference to keep users from becoming overwhelmed by all of the features at once. Some of these additional features are a calendar, card aging, and voting. These are all resources that can be used by one individual or a team.

Trello Gold

This is the customizable version of Trello. These users can change their background by selecting six of the basic colors, uploading an image or choose from nine premium backgrounds. Trello also offers stickers as a form of additional expression. Trello Gold allows users to receive extra bonus sticker plans. Each user’s own stickers can be uploaded as well. Trello offers emoji as well and becoming a Trello Gold user provides more emoji options, even allowing for additional ones to be uploaded.

Trello Enterprise

This provides users with full control and security while still keeping each business productive. There are many additional resources that these users receive from this membership. Some of these include phone support, additional privacy and security, monthly reports, a dedicated contact person and simplified billing.

Trello Business Class

Many large, forward-thinking companies are using Trello. Some companies that have had success with the project management tool are Google, Spotify, Tumblr, Kickstarter, and PayPal. This version of Trello provides a better workspace for teams, it provides administrative controls and security and everyone on the team get all the privileges of Trello Gold. A business class administrator will be able to see all the boards in the organization, both public and private. Furthermore, the business administrator can decide who creates publicly visible as well as individual boards for the business.

My Trello Boards

April Sullivan | EntreLeverage | Trello Website Mapping | Online Business Management | Virtual Assistance

I previously wrote a tutorial on using Trello as a sales tracking tool (updated in 2017!), which you can read here.  With this setup, anytime someone books a free consultation on my website, they are immediately added to my sales tracking board (via Zapier), and I can move them across my sales process.

Other boards I have include an Account Management Board where we determine who will be managing each client’s account and a Brainstorm Queue where I track all of my ideas for services, blog posts, and anything else.  I also have a board where I track the online courses I have purchased (and not finished) and another one for our weekly workflow.

How do you use Trello?

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