Scaling your business is all about adopting new habits, upgrading processes and paying attention to – and believing in — your own success.
Here are twenty-one proven tips to help you on that journey.


1. Create simple systems for attracting, converting, & transforming your clients.

Consistency is vital when you want to give your clients an incredible, upleveled experience. Have simple, yet elegant systems in place for how you will attract new readers and followers, how you will convert them to paying clients, and how you are going to transform their lives or their business. (Creating systems just like this come very easy to me, so reach out and hire me if you’re stuck here!)

2. Create a Facebook Group

It’s getting harder and harder to stay in front of your ideal audience if you’re relying solely on your Facebook pages; groups are definitely the way to go here!

An excellent strategy if you are rebranding or relaunching a signature program, is to start or revive a Facebook group, give it your signature program’s name, and then invite all the current members of your other pages or groups, as well as other strategic potential followers.

3. Get On Video or Go Live Consistently

Announce your new Facebook Group by creating a Livestream event and inviting those who have accepted your invitation, as well as those who have not yet done so. (Setting the Livestream event for the same day seems to be the most effective timing.) 

Tell people what the new group is all about, and finish with an invitation to take an action you want them to consider: (Join the new group you’re forming; check out your new program; get your latest new free gift, etc.)

Not ready to go live in a group just yet? That’s okay too, but you’ll need to get on video consistently and post it on your blog. I often have clients do a quick 1 to 2-minute video for each blog post with their key points or a quick ;tldr for those who are short on time.

4. Use the Expertise of Others as Leverage

Who do you know? I believe it’s essential to try and surround yourself by business owners with similar businesses. Create joint ventures with companies that offer different services, but have the same audience.

Arrange a guest post or podcast interview from an expert your subscribers follow and admire, or you can be an interviewee or write a guest post on their website. Most powerful of all, see if you can entice a fellow expert to appear on a Livestream with you.


5. Have Good Systems in Place for Your Team

Make it a part of your team process that your team members use not only your guides and guidelines but also checklists, to ensure there are zero omissions and mistakes.

Keep everything contained in a sound project management system (I like Teamwork, Asana, & ClickUp) and updated regularly.

6. Content is Still Queen

Writing good copy for your website is still a very effective way to market your services. Having great sales pages, blog posts, social media posts, and other written content will always help you climb the SEO ranks and get found.

Assign a team member, such as a copy editor or VA who is experienced in content writing, to read through all your new content. This is not just to catch mistakes, but also to make sure it reads fluidly and clearly to others. As in the world of Olympic-level athletes, sometimes the smallest tweaks she will be able to suggest can make a world of difference to your content quality and its perceived value.

7. Know Your Ideal Client Intimately

Take some time to really look at the multiple issues that your current and past clients have had.

A mistake entrepreneurs and coaches who are upleveling often make is to operate under the assumption that all their new prospective clients have the same pain point. Instead of assuming this, find the pain points for key stages of your ideal client’s journey and create offers designed to solve these minor pain points and keep your perfect client moving through your funnel. Remember, a client’s journey is a process; not just a destination.

8. Learn How to Under-Schedule

I love taking the time with my over-scheduled clients to teach them how to have a very balanced schedule. Chaos and workaholism are spawned from perfectionism, believe it or not, so learning how to under-schedule early on will give you peace of mind and the ability to truly focus.

And don’t just focus on simplifying your business and targeting your branding. Decide how long something is going to take you to complete, and multiply that by three. Dispose of other tasks (automate, delegate, or delete) to accommodate that time frame.

If you can learn the value of under-scheduling your time, you will soon find you actually have more time for the things you want to do.

9. Take the Time to Hire the Right Team

If your company is just you, it will stay small and be limited by your limitations and tunnel-vision. Creating a dream team of others with the expertise you want to leverage adds value to your business. But do take the time to check references, interview, try out, and build a strong working relationship with the right people. There are millions of contractors out there, but there are only a few who are going to “click” with your business and help you grow it in an enjoyable way.

Take your time with the process of finding the right people. When you do find them, make sure they will want to stay, and appreciate them as not just someone you pay to do a task, but as a vital member of your team who helps you keep your clients happy.

Also, if your team members are business owners themselves, take the time to see how they do things in their own business, as you can definitely learn from them as well.

10. Provide Over-the-Top Client Care

This doesn’t mean you have to be at their beck and call but do set in place excellent customer care to go along with your upleveled business and clientele. High-level clients expect instant service for the VIP prices they pay, so before you do anything else, arrange for clear communication on how they can get help and who they can get it from.

Set up a reliable support desk, and assign a qualified Customer Care VA specifically to serve as your client care liaison. Provide clear FAQs, tutorial videos, guides, and instructions. And above all, let them know how, when, and where you will personally be available for their questions.

11. Split Test your Landing Page Content

It’s not always easy to know what words and images are going to make people click on your offering, that’s why instead of guessing, we highly suggest split testing.

SaaS such as LeadPages®, which automate the process for you, making split-testing a super easy process. Pay close attention to your images, headlines, and CTAs, including button text, to see what works best.

12. Find the Right Words for Your New Upleveled Market

Using the data that you glean via split-testing will soon alert you to keywords that seem to bring the highest engagement and/or conversions. Be aware of them and use them in your content, whenever there is a natural opportunity to do so.

If you’re not a naturally good writer, then I highly suggest that you find someone who is! Make a note of what you learned from split-testing, and share the information with your copywriter.

13. Be the Captain, Not the Crew

Let go of the details. If you have always been someone who is very hands-on, and even more so if, up till now, you have attempted to do everything yourself, you’ll need to learn to lead. Take a step back and focus on the overview rather than on the details. Focus on what keeps moving your business forward, not on what single task you can get finished today.

14. Make Sure Your Business Runs at Full Capacity Without You

If your business grinds to a halt because you’re sick for a day, then you’re playing too small. It’s time to make sure that things can run without you, and the answer to this is having systems in place and a supportive team. You need to have assigned people to take over if you’re not available, that know what to do, and are capable of doing it.

And one more priceless bonus: When your company can run without you, you’ll really have time for vacations and self-care!

15. Get Quality Sleep by Banishing Your Phone

When you are building a business, sleep is often the second thing to go (after free time and relationships). But, if you talk to any top celebrity entrepreneur, you’ll likely discover that a good night’s sleep is sacred to them. They know that making sharp decisions and being at the top of their game depends on having a great night’s sleep.

So, put your phone in another room when you go to bed. Or if you’re like me, put it in do not disturb mode, so you’re not tempted to check it if you wake up. Turn all of the lights out, keep the TV off, and try going to bed at the same time every night (all the same issues and joys will still be there tomorrow). Buy a top-quality mattress and pillow, make your bedroom a place of peace and order, and use a diffuser to scent your room gently with lavender or chamomile. You can even use an eye-mask like Jennifer Aniston in all those TV commercials.

But most of all, keep your phone from distracting you when you go to bed.

16. Focus on Retention & Relationships

It’s not enough to create amazing new offers; you need to keep your new clients happy, engaged, and coming back for more. Understand that investing in the relationship is at the core of business success at any level. I’ve always felt that a business that focuses on serving rather than selling would win every time.

Never lose sight of opportunities to help, serve, and enjoy your subscribers and clients.

17. Practice Perseverance

Use every “failure” as a learning opportunity. Be grateful for the lessons it teaches you, the “holes” it finds for you, the proof that you are still trying, and always moving toward your goals. Don’t beat yourself up! Recover and keep moving forward. You WILL get there.

As Sir James Dyson (inventor of the Dyson vacuum cleaner) says, “You never learn from success, but you do learn from failure.”

18. Find the Strengths in Your Weaknesses

We all have weaknesses in business and in life. Instead of beating yourself up about them, (see #17) see what they can teach you and use them to help your business uplevel.

For example, if you find an excellent solution, share that on a Facebook Live, in a blog post, or on your podcast. Recognize that any weaknesses you have are often likely to be the secret fears of your clients. The fact you embrace and conquer those weaknesses makes you even more of an expert, and someone to follow.

19. Use Milestones Strategically

As a launch and project planning strategist, I love milestones. It’s a word that people often gloss over or don’t fully understand, but what does a milestone actually do in real life?

A milestone is not a warm, fuzzy feeling: A physical milestone along a route is an accurate indication that you are moving toward a specific destination. You are one mile closer to New York City, or wherever you are heading, and it’s an indicator and confirmation that you’re on the right track and making progress.

So, identify changes, implementations, and events that MUST happen this year for your business to uplevel successfully. Set these as milestones, give them the respect, and significance, they deserve, and actively and unwaveringly work toward them.

20. Be Selective

When other experts first seek you out and offer you joint venture opportunities, it can be an exciting feeling! But right from the beginning, keep your focus on your brand, and turn down opportunities that confuse your brand presence in the public eye.

Keep your focus on what you are passionate about and what your clients truly need, and you will automatically build an authentic reputation for precisely what you are aiming for.

21. Keep on Systematizing

Of course, it all comes back to systems! Running a scalable business is all about having repeatable processes. Don’t just create systems once: As your business grows, keep on systematizing until your business purrs along like a well-fed kitten.

Scaling your business to the next level takes perseverance, courage and, above all, action. Start putting these tips to work for you today!

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