I’ve been on a project management hunt lately to find the best solution that will either replace or enhance Basecamp for us.  Earlier this week I showed you how cool Wunderlist is, and today we’re going to talk about Producteev.

Producteev is a project management application that makes it easier for businesses to keep track of their various tasks and projects (which is just like all the others). Producteev was released in 2008 and was acquired by Jive Software, an innovative company that specializes in collaborative tools for businesses, in 2012. There are now quite a few applications and services that are designed to enhance productivity and project management. Many companies, however, find that Producteev is one of the most useful and versatile choices.

At first glance, it looks like it’s setup similar to Asana, but it is much more user-friendly in my opinion (I’m not a huge Asana fan.  Sorry).

Here are some of the leading features of Producteev.

Setup Tasks and Projects – It’s simple to set up projects, which may be shared by any number of team members. Privacy management can also be set up so that only appropriate individuals have access to the information. Tasks can be assigned and tracked. They can also be labelled by descriptions and color. Reminders can be set to remind people of tasks that need to be completed.  All of this is pretty standard.

Collaboration Tools – Producteev is designed to simplify the process of collaboration and teamwork. Tasks can be assigned to specific people or groups. It’s also possible to add followers to tasks so they will be notified of updates.

Compatible With Many Devices – There are Producteev apps for Android, iPad and iPhone, allowing people who use different devices to work together on the same projects.

Works With Outlook – The premium version or Producteev works with Outlook, so if you or your clients are still using Outlook for your email and calendar, you’ll want to upgrade.

Pros and Cons of Producteev.

Producteev is simple and intuitive project management software that has a very contemporary interface. For example, the system of adding followers and the ability to mention people using the @ symbol is similar to Twitter and Facebook, and something we’re all getting used to. This makes the application seem like an extension of a social media site. The Outlook integration can also make users feel like it’s part of their email client. This is helpful, as it allows people to quickly become comfortable with using the application without any kind of steep learning curve.

Producteev has recently integrated with TaskRabbit, a popular collaborative consumption service that allows businesses to outsource many tasks. This means a business using Producteev can easily recruit freelancers for various projects on TaskRabbit. In an era when companies are increasingly looking to cut costs by outsourcing rather than hiring full-time employees, it’s useful to be able to set up projects with a platform like TaskRabbit.

While Producteev doesn’t have any glaring flaws, it does lack certain features that are found in some other project management applications. For example, while it’s convenient to assign tasks and reminders, it doesn’t have any kind of elaborate time tracking system. Many users, however, find that the ease of using the application and its diversity more than makeup for this and can easily incorporate something like Harvest or Freshbooks.

The pricing structure is also really interesting.  Unlimited tasks and collaborators are included in the free version.  The ability to brand it and connect it to Outlook are in the paid.  For that reason, I think this is an excellent choice for small businesses who are just starting out, don’t have a large team and have pretty simple needs.  It’s not the right tool for me, but I’m going to keep looking and sharing!

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