How do you welcome a new client?

As a coach, consultant, or other service-based provider, it’s so important to put the right systems in place to welcome your new client the right way. Not only does it give them the warm fuzzies, but it builds trust even before the work begins.

You want to make sure that you’re setting yourself up for a positive experience for both of you right from the start by providing your new client with a transparent and simple welcome guide which congratulates your client on making the right choice, outlines your operating principals, and more.

The purpose of your new client welcome guide is to:

  • Prepare your new client for a positive working experience
  • Let your new client know what he or she can expect from working with you
  • Let your new client know what you expect from him or her (two way street!)
  • Announce your office hours, who else they may work with, and a few boundaries
  • Eliminate confusion
  • Anticipate any questions that may arise
  • Remind your new client about key points in your contract or agreement

How to set up the sections of your new client welcome guide

  1. Welcome your new client and remind them of why they hired you in the first place! Welcome them to your community and congratulate them on making such a wise investment.
  2. Your preferred contact information. Include email address, link to a client portal, a regular Zoom meeting room, and any phone numbers they may need.
  3. Your office hours and basic turnaround times.
  4. Your core mission and guiding principals
  5. Your team members they may be in contact with
  6. Holidays for the year including planned office closures
  7. Invoicing & billing procedures
  8. Lead times & turnaround times
  9. Missed appointment policies
  10. FAQs
  11. Refund policy
  12. Terms and conditions / legal disclosures
  13. A huge THANK YOU
  14. Your signature with a clear call-to-action and links they may need

Easy peasy! Start writing out the sections in a Google Doc then have your designer or VA (or you) match it to your brand and save it as a PDF. Make sure you update it every year by adding a reminder in your calendar to update it the end of each year.


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