Hey Entrepreneur, I see you. I know how busy you are, and I know that you’re on the edge of burnout. You aren’t alone. If you haven’t already, create some space to start a new mindfulness routine. Here is a simple plan to help you make this lifestyle change:

Be Mindful of Your Habitual Self-Talk

As you notice your thoughts, start becoming aware of any negative self-talk you may have. Understand that you no longer have to accept any of the negative things you are used to saying to yourself. How can you replace this negative self-talk with positive self-talk?

Be Mindful of Your Feelings

One thing you will notice as you practice mindfulness is your feelings, particularly those feelings that normally slip by you and trick you into traps like procrastination or stress. Acknowledge them. Bless them. Explore where they are coming from and then set them free.

Realize That Meditation Should Be Energizing AND Relaxing

Meditation isn’t always about relaxation. If you want it to energize you and not put you to sleep, don’t lie down to meditate, and find some energizing meditation music.  Try this one. 

Also, Meditation Isn’t All About Bliss – Meditation does not always bring feel-good visions and feelings. Be aware that meditation can cause past traumas and hurts to revisit your memory, as well as stir up powerful emotions. Don’t let that frighten you. Remember you can always find specific meditations for almost every situation online.

Dig Deeper

When doing self-examination exercises such as figuring out habits that don’t serve you, once you come up with an answer, question it. Ask yourself “why”. But then take it a step deeper and question that answer too, and keep asking until you feel sure that you’ve finally hit upon your truth. Most people stop at the first “why”, but not you 😉

Try Tapping

Most entrepreneurs by now how discovered EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) a.k.a. “tapping”. This is a simple form of self-acupressure that helps you remove personal blocks, relieve stress, and so much more. Check out the website The Tapping Solution for more info.

Be Mindful In All Your Activities

Don’t just reserve mindfulness for meditation periods! Practice mindfulness in everything you do such as eating, exercising, working, socializing and helping others, just to name a few.

“But Meditation is Boring”

Oh, I feel you on this one. This was my biggest hurdle in the beginning. If you get to this stage after deeply questioning your reactions and feelings, be aware that it’s usually a good sign. It may mean you are ready to move on to another level.
If you’re bored straight away, your mind is probably spinning too fast and needs to find a rhythm. Meditate for shorter periods, but make sure you keep meditating every day.

Find a Mantra

A mantra is a word or phrase that aids in meditation when repeated while meditating. In its purest Hindu or Buddhist form, it is a sacred chant. But whether you ascribe to this belief or not, there is scientific evidence that chanting a mantra while meditating alters our brainwaves and lowers blood pressure.

Use Your Breath to De-Stress

You can do this anywhere, not just in the middle of a full-on meditation. Riding (not driving) in a car, watching your daughter’s soccer game, going through the grocery store checkout, taking a break at your desk. Breathe in through your nose deep down into your belly and pause before exhaling. Then slowly exhale through your mouth. If you wish, accompany these slow breaths with calming thoughts.

Want a free checklist of these simple mindfulness & meditation techniques?


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