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I don’t know a lot of people who love email marketing. There are online business owners out there (and we all know who they are) that make it look so effortless, be even they tell me they didn’t really love it until they mastered the open rate challenge. Here at EntreLeverage Headquarters, we run a lot of email marketing campaigns for our clients, but so many times those campaigns are ending up in the worst places possible: the spam folder or Gmail’s promotions tab (dun dun duuuuun). My team and I conducted what we thought was a lot of research on this subject, and found that the main culprit was the subject line. Either it wasn’t catchy enough, and people didn’t care enough to open it, or it was just spammy enough to not even make it into the inbox. We spent time crafting and re-crafting headlines, running them through fancy headline checking software, without seeing large enough jumps in our client’s open rates. Then yesterday I read a blog post that put the answer right in front of my face. The amazing Michael Hyatt wrote a blog post about this exact problem, and how his team figured out the problem and the exact way to fix it. You can read his short blog post on it here, but I’m providing you with a summary the simple steps below.

How Do I Raise My Email Open Rate?

  1. 68% of his readers were never receiving his emails. His team discovered that images and links at the beginning of almost any email trigger Gmail to move email from the inbox to the Promotions tab.
  2. Most of his readers weren’t actually going to his blog because he provided the entire email in the body of the newsletter. I could have told him not to do that since I’ve been advising against it for years, but keep this in mind for yourself. If your readers have no reason to visit your website, they’re missing out on all you have to offer!
  3. His subscribers weren’t being trained to click. If they don’t click, they can’t contact you or buy from you. I’m totally guilty of this because for years I felt that I was imposing on your precious time by making you click through my email over to my blog. The mindset shift that helped me was knowing that I’ve got some great stuff on my website that I’ve written to help you out! Also, training people to click will help to raise your overall conversion rates, and that’s always a good thing!
How are your email open rates? Try out the tips here and let me know if they helped you increase the number of people reading your weekly email!

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