Do you dream of having a neat and tidy inbox full of happy clients and customers who are responded to quickly?  Do you want to stop using your inbox as an unproductive mash-up of a CRM, project manager, and to-do list? If you think that it’s impossible to have all of that while still keeping your sanity, allow me to enlighten you:  Having your inbox managed by a VA team is totally possible, it’s easier than you think, and it won’t break the bank.

If you’re like most entrepreneurs who love what they do, you open your email as soon as you sit at your desk in the morning.  That is unless you already opened it on your phone while still in bed. (It’s okay, I used to do that too.)  Every productivity coach out there will tell you not to do this, but when you love what you do, it’s so hard not to check to see if more people have bought your product, to see if your guest post was accepted, or if you have any new client inquiries.

For the most part, this is okay, but eventually, it becomes nothing more than a time suck.  And successful CEO’s don’t need another time suck, they need space to be creative and create, right? Email management isn’t rocket science, but it can be very time-consuming for you, and with difficult clients, it can be emotionally draining for you as well.  There is nothing worse than getting thrown off course by a customer requesting a refund.  Having a team available to take care of this for you will make you appear more professional and will keep you from needing to get emotionally involved in all of the details.

Here are 10 reasons having your inbox managed for you is the right decision:


      1. Professional communication with your clients and customers is vital to the growth of your business, especially when you don’t have the face-to-face aspect that a brick and mortar business would have.  Every email communication you have with your tribe should include your core values.  Every. Single. One.
      2. Systems!!  You know I love me a good system, and this is no exception.  Every inbox we manage has its own FAQ database and responses are systematized so we don’t have to keep coming back to you to answer questions.  Our number one goal is that you only ever have to tell us how to respond to a client once; from that point on, we will refer to your FAQ database and only come to you with new questions.
      3. Personalization. Yes, you can have personalized responses even when things are systematized.  We always, always, always add a personal touch when responding to inquiries because no one likes talking to robots.  Unless of course, you have a robot company, and in that case, we’d talk like robots for you.  How’s that for personalization?
      4. Scenario: you have a scheduling link on your website, but a potential client missed it and is inquiring about your services via email.  You’re on a flight, or shopping, out to lunch, acting like a BOSS who isn’t a slave to their email, so you don’t know about it.  We’re able to quickly draft up a response and direct them to your scheduling link, giving them the (correct) impression that you and your team are on top of things.
      5. Is your inbox a mixture of personal and professional emails, and you’re not sure if you want us to see it all?  This is a common occurrence, and we can help in a few different ways. One way is to get your clients and potential clients to start using a dedicated support email, like and then all other email can be directed to your name@ inbox.  My dedicated support email appears to be personal which is and I use for all other stuff.  Other clients just let us view everything, and we get pretty good at determining what is business and what is personal.
      6. What if you can’t imagine letting someone else talk to your customers?  This one I completely understand and still struggle with from time to time.  The answer is that you don’t have to give it all up.  We set up the systems so that the people or scenarios that you want to give your personal response to, you can!  It’s really easy, and it’s such a relief for those of you not ready to give up complete control.
      7. No business is too small for inbox management.  Seriously.  We have clients who get only one or two inquiries per day.  Those clients don’t have to worry about checking their inbox multiple times per day wondering if anything came in and are spending their time creating new products, working with more clients and doing whatever they want because they know that either we’ll handle it or we’ll notify them if they are needed.
      8. No inbox is too big for inbox management.  You may think your inbox is too complicated or too full of junk to be managed by anyone but you.  Hmmmm….. I don’t think so!  We can easily juggle any number of client inquiries that may come in, and if you’re on any of our monthly plans you never have to worry about paying us to siphon through all that spam.  Having the right systems in place allows us to take care of all of your clients, customers, leads, partners, etc!
      9. Email management goes hand in hand with calendar management.  If there is something actionable in any of your emails such as an appointment that is scheduled, a deadline that needs to be met or anything else that includes either a date or a time, we’ll make sure that it is added to your online calendar.  And don’t worry if you don’t already have one, we can help set it up for you.
      10. And finally, you always have backup support even when your dedicated VA is sick or on vacation.  Usually, we’ll have 2 team members working on your inbox at a time so that there are always two people who know your likes, dislikes, products, services, clients, customers and quirks at all times.  When one person is unavailable for whatever reason, there is always someone here at Team EntreLeverage to make sure you’re taken care of.

Having your inbox managed by a dedicated team of customer service experts is next-level goodness.  It puts you in a whole other class of entrepreneurs who are ready to grow by leaps and bounds, rather than keep on playing small.  Where will it take you?




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