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Working from home is more than just being able to stay in your pajamas and avoid the hectic commute to work. It has a huge array of benefits from lowering expenses, especially when running your own business and having the flexibility to work around your home life. This is important when you have young children, but it also comes with its challenges.

Working at home each day should just be another day in the office, but it’s not always easy when you have the distractions and demands of home. Finding the right balance between your work and family is key. Here are a few challenges of working at home and solutions to make them easier.

When to Stop Working

Separating your work life from your home life can be a big challenge. It’s so easy just to pop back into your office to finish one last thing before going to bed.

Solution: Create a dedicated office space somewhere in your home that will help you to have defined working hours. That way, when it’s time to work you can be completely focused on that and when it’s time to spend time with your family, then you can be fully engaged with them.


Being at home can be helpful to get the domestic tasks done. But these distractions can really impact on your productivity. Additionally, doorbells, dogs barking and children shouting are not great to have going on in the background during an important call.

Solution: Plan a time each day to deal with household tasks. You might find that an office space with a door can be a great way to shut out distractions.

Being Your Own Boss

When you run your own business, everything is down to you. You can’t just make a quick call to the IT department to have them come and fix your computer. Plus, you need to deal with all the billing, accounts and planning by yourself.

Solution: If you have periods of unproductive time, that’s a good opportunity to tackle these tasks. There are also a variety of apps that can make working at home so much easier.

Work Life Balance

Balancing time between work and family can be a huge challenge, especially for work at home moms. You want to be able to get your work done, but also not miss out on quality time with the family.

Solution: Establish a clear schedule for when you will work and when you are free to be with the family. Put it in a prominent place so everyone can see it. That way they will know when they can expect to spend time with you and when you will be busy working.

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