Selling your services online requires plenty of “social proof in order for people to understand and believe that you’re the real deal.” Testimonials from past clients, likes, shares, retweets, and regrams are all ways that people can say “I liked this and it was worth my time and money.”

For online courses, eBooks, and other downloadable items, testimonials are the biggest and best tool in your toolbox. But when you’re running a live event such as a VIP day, you also have other, more powerful options

Take Lots of Pictures

If your VIP day is live, hire a professional photographer to document the event, or if you can’t do that, have a friend or assistant there to take lots of pictures. There’s no better way to get future VIP clients excited about your offers than to show them photos of what to expect. 

If you hold your event in a hotel or resort, photos of the surroundings can give it the feel of a relaxing retreat. If your event is virtual, grab some screenshots of your face-to-face video chat. This will help show that even if you don’t meet your clients in person, there is still a very real connection. 

Use Your Photos Later On Your:

  • Blog – tell a story about your last VIP event 
  • Sales Page – paint a picture of what to expect 
  • Email Newsletter – share the experience with your readers 
  • Social Media Profiles – let people know what you’re all about 
  • One Sheet – if you’re trying to book speaking gigs 

Be sure you get the appropriate media release from all your attendees before publishing their photos publicly. Nothing puts a damper on your next event quite like a cease and desist order!

Get Video Testimonials

During your event, while everyone is feeling enthusiastic about their business and excited for what’s on the horizon, is the perfect time to grab some meaningful testimonials. Written testimonials are fine, but if you can capture them on video, you’ll be well ahead of the competition. 

Simply set up a video camera on a tripod in a quiet corner of your venue, and ask attendees to take a few minutes out of their day to share their thoughts. You could even do this on the fly with a simple cell-phone video if you like. 

Create Hot Hashtags

Here’s another tip for getting the word out about your VIP days: create a hashtag. Every time you post on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram about your event, use the hashtag. Encourage attendees to use it as well. You can create searches using your hashtag and post the results to your sales page, your blog, or anywhere else you talk about an upcoming VIP day. 

If this sounds like a lot of work for one person to manage, well, it can be. But make no mistake, social proof is critical to your success, so unless your event is super confidential, the work will pay off. If necessary, consider hiring an assistant to take the stress out of photos, testimonials, and social posting. That way all your attention can be right where it needs to be, on your clients.

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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