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Do you sometimes feel like you are just so busy that you don’t have the time to maintain your social media presence?  Does it keep falling to the bottom of your to-do list because there are just so many more important things to take care of?

What’s an entrepreneur to do?

First take a quick look at your priorities.  Is there a reason you’re not keeping up with your social media presence?  Or maybe you are, but what you’re putting out there just isn’t adequate or consistent?

What exactly is your purpose around having a strong social media presence?  Is it because someone told you that you should, or because your business friends have one, or this one article you read said you do?

Once you’ve decided that social media is a necessity for your business, your best option may be to hire a Social Media Manager.

Do I Need a Social Media Manager?

What the heck is a social media manager and what does one do?  More important, what will hiring a social media manager do for my company?  And is there a difference between hiring a social media manager and a social media virtual assistant?

There is.  A Social Media Manager looks at the big picture with minimal input from you besides the goals and the end result that you want to achieve overall, and for your campaigns.

A Social Media Virtual Assistant implements the tasks that come together to make up the social media campaign.

Social Media Virtual Assistants vary widely in their depth of experience.  Sometimes there is a crossover between a Social Media Manager and Social Media Virtual Assistant, especially after you and your virtual assistant have worked together for a while and they fully understand the inner workings of your business.  Knowing exactly what your business needs before searching for social media support will help you determine who the best person to help you is.  There will also be a pretty significant difference in what you will pay for a true Social Media Manager versus a Social Media Virtual Assistant, based on experience.

A Social Media Manager would be responsible for

  • Suggesting and brainstorming the most effective social media strategy
  • Developing awareness of your brand on social media
  • Suggesting goals and objectives
  • Creating a targeted strategy for your social media content
  • Increasing your social media reach
  • Ensuring your social media communications reach the most targeted audience possible
  • Increasing leads from your social media appearances

And the most obvious difference (at least to me!) is a Social Media Manager actually manages Social Media Virtual Assistant’s – yours AND hers – to carry out the overall social media marketing plan.

A Social Media Virtual Assistant would be responsible for

  • Checking and monitoring your social media accounts
  • Scheduling and uploading posts created by you or your social media manager
  • Responding to generic, designated post types and answering common questions on your behalf

A Social Media Manager is the best person to hire when you are serious about developing your brand and coming up with a focused social media strategy.

A Social Media Virtual Assistant is the best person to hire if you already have that strategy in place or are simply too busy to add posts to HootSuite or Buffer, prepare pictures or info graphics to upload to Pinterest, and need some general relief from your workload.

At ENTRELEVERAGE, we are both your Social Media Manager and your Social Media Virtual Assistant.  We are able to create the overall strategy for most online businesses (and when we can’t we know who to call in) and our small Virtual Assistant team is standing by to make sure all of the details are carried out.

Download the Social Media Management Checklist to see if you’re ready

Here are few of the undeniable signs:

  • Spending way too much time trying to do it all yourself
  • You don’t have time to even delegate social media tasks to your Social Media Virtual Assistant
  • You’re maintaining a social presence but aren’t connecting with enough people or the right people
  • You don’t like interacting with people on social media (they are so many more important things to do!)

If any of these are true, it’s most likely time to hire a Social Media Manager.

Hiring the Best Social Media Manager

The best place to start looking for a Social Media Manager is in your trusted network.  If you’re an online entrepreneur, then most of your online business buddies are too, and it’s likely that most of them know how outsourcing works. Ask around online and ask for recommendations in your favorite social media groups.  Those who are great at what they do aren’t a secret and people love referring who they think is the best in their field.

Just ask!  I have a small Facebook community for Business Support Experts that you are free to join if you feel that description fits!

If that doesn’t work for you, then check Google for companies (not people).  A good Social Media Management website will allow you to check out their criteria before contacting them.  You can see what rates are usually charged, view portfolios to see if they are a good fit, and read testimonials from past clients.

Social media management companies abound online and fit almost every budget and company size. If you are going to go with a company that specializes strictly in social media, you will want to match the size of your budget, company and goals to the scope offered by the social media management company. (For example, if you’ve only just been in business a couple of years and you typically make about four thousand dollars a month, you can pretty much bet that a company who charges a flat fee of three thousand a month is too much fire-power for the way you operate: They are looking for larger celebrity marketers or bigger corporations.)

Here are two simple rules to follow:

  1. Don’t hire someone whose prices and set up feel out of your league
  2. Don’t hire someone who knows less than you do

When you download my Social Media Management Checklist, you’ll also receive another checklist on how to interview your Social Media Manager

What Your Social Media Manager Should Do For You

Before you start interviewing, you should have a strong idea of what your new Social Media Manager’s schedule will look like on a regular, ongoing basis.  (Please note, you’re not creating an actual schedule but more of a list of daily, weekly and monthly priorities.  Your Social Media Manager will set her own actual schedule.)  This includes creating a list of:

  • Regular duties
  • Tools they will use
  • Communication preference and check-in protocols

This isn’t about micromanagement, it’s about managing expectations.  You’ll want to work with her to develop overall goals and objectives, as well as sales funnels over the next year or so.  

A weekly check-in is usually best to ensure that you’re both on track while your Social Media Manager still maintains creative control.

An example of what a Social Media Manager’s daily schedule looks like is included when you download my Social Media Management Checklist

There you have it.  Whether you’re ready for a Social Media Manager or a Social Media Virtual Assistant (or both!) you are now better equipped to make a well-informed decision.  Take your time, do your homework and focus on the end-result that you’re after, and your social media presence will soar in no time!

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