This is part two of a seven-part series on the best tips on leveraging your Facebook Live Videos. In this part, we’re discussing the best ways to use Facebook Live on your blog

Step Two: The Best Way to Use it on Your Blog

Turn your Facebook Live video into a blog post or article for your website. If you want to guide your subscribers and blog followers to your Facebook Live video so they’ll be ready and waiting to watch it live, email about the upcoming Live video and blog about it before it happens.

Afterward, blog about it anyway. The big advantage of blogging about a Facebook Live video after it has happened is that you can streamline your article targeting and increase its interest factor by addressing questions you were asked live. You can also:

  • Change the slant of the article to reflect feedback you got during or after the event
  • Split it into more than one keyword-specific article
  • Use it to promote your next Facebook Live appearance

You can integrate your blog and social platform posts to gather even more targeted exposure, as extreme B.A.S.E. jumper and skier, Matthias “Superfrenchie” Giraud does.

Watch his Vimeo video to see how he uses audience involvement

And you can use actual keywords supplied by the people who watched the live video or its replay.

Blogging ABOUT Facebook Live:

Another strategy: Blog about Facebook Live. Leslie Samuel got over 1.01k shares on his blog article: 246 Facebook Live Video: What Bloggers Need to Know

Keep an eye on your blog comments to see if your audience is asking questions that provide natural opportunities to write Facebook Live blog posts.

Embed your Facebook Live Videos:

Another powerful opportunity not to be missed: Embedding your Facebook Live videos on your website.

To do this, go to the Facebook Developer Section and embed the Facebook Live Player on your blog. While embedding YouTube videos will give that video more views, embedding a Facebook video is a really interesting option. If you embed the Facebook video onto a blog post, and a reader watches and Likes the video, they “bump” the video back into the news feed of their followers, potentially giving it greater visibility.

Consider taking your videos from other platforms and uploading them to Facebook, and then embedding that post into your articles.


Yes, it’s true you can also do live video with Instagram Stories—but unlike Facebook Live, you can never go back and re-view Instagram Stories. They are totally transient.

A better idea: Download your Facebook Live video and post supporting photos to Instagram, as Marutaro did with his video of “Mari, the meanest dog in the World”.

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