By now you have probably seen quite a few Facebook Live videos. Two or three of your friends are really into it. Sometimes you watch: And sometimes you don’t.

You may also be one of the thousands saying, “Cute for funny cat videos or my teenage daughter talking about make-up, but it doesn’t have a practical purpose for my business.”

If you’ve been saying things like that to yourself, you need to look again. Did you know you can download your Facebook Live video? The ability to record your Facebook Live video and download them opens the door to multiple possibilities when it comes to using Facebook Live for your business.

Creating a Facebook Live video is so easy, even Google knows how to do it (without sending you to reams of links).
Google assumes you are probably going to broadcast from your smartphone, so it gives you App instructions. Let’s take a look.

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If you’re not familiar with Facebook Live at all and none of your Facebook friends seem to be into it yet, you can easily familiarize yourself by going to the Facebook Live Map, which will instantly present you with an interactive, clickable map pinpointing all Facebook Live broadcasts currently going on at this time.

Facebook Live Videos, streaming, Youtube, Business, April Sullivan, EntreLeverage, Followers, Streamer, Viewer

To start a Facebook Live video directly from your computer, when you are at the Live Map:

  1. Press the blue “Go Live” button in the map’s top right corner.
  2. Follow the instructions regarding checking into your current location if you need to, then enter a short, carefully-planned description using your best keyword, and select the audience.
  3. Click “Next”

If you prefer to control your own recording options, you can also install and use broadcasting software such as OBS Studio, which is open-source video recording and live-streaming software free for anyone to download.
For a complete walk-through, follow the steps in Social Media Examiner’s article, How to Use Facebook Live from Your Desktop without Costly Software.

Facebook Live will help you:

  • Create stronger relationships with your followers
  • Attract organic Facebook Live fans desperate for Live streaming (providing you are using from your public
  • Page, and not within a closed Group)
  • Share insider tips with Facebook Group members
  • Make your Facebook Group members part of your life so they can see you apply your coaching principles in your day-to-day living
  • Satisfy Facebook users’ need for interaction, connection, and immediate gratification
  • Build powerful links by leading people to your website—and to your landing pages
  • Expand your community faster than you would using most traditional methods
  • Increase your credibility and authority almost instantly

What If I’m Scared or Nervous?

Your best bet is familiarizing yourself with Facebook live streaming: Start out by saying ‘hi’ to your people in closed Groups, where it will feel more comfortable, among friends. But once you’re comfortable and having fun with using Facebook Live, make sure you take full advantage of the following these seven specific ways to leverage your Facebook Live videos and build your business and your community.

Step One: Post Your Facebook Live Videos on YouTube

Upload Facebook Live videos to YouTube from your Page or Group. Use optimized descriptions and keywords to attract the right audience and ensure more shares.

How to do this:

Uploading to YouTube is a simple, 3-step process:

  • Download in HD from FB video
  • Right-click on live video you want to upload to YouTube
  • Select “Save video/file as…” and select “YouTube.”

It is literally as easy as that. When you consider the sheer size of YouTube audiences (1,077,200,109 video views monthly), according to Social Blade, and the fact that a proportion of these viewers will search using your exact keywords, uploading your best and most popular Facebook Live videos to that platform makes perfect marketing sense.

Facebook Live Videos, streaming, Youtube, Business, April Sullivan, EntreLeverage, Followers, Streamer, Viewer

In a sense, you have a captive audience if you can provide the right video title, utilizing the keyword’s they use to search. These particular viewers are pre-disposed to find your video helpful or entertaining before they have ever seen it. These are not akin to people coming into your store from the sidewalk: These video viewers who search by keyword or topic are more like people who look a product up online and go to a particular store ready to buy it. That’s why your descriptions and titles are so important.

So put yourself into their mindset. What would you type into YouTube’s search bar if you were looking for a specific video, containing the information you’ve just filmed? What are similar videos on that topic called? Which ones out of this batch have the most views?

When it comes to creating strong titles, get to the point. Be direct. It doesn’t matter if your video is “cat playing with candy wrapper” or “how to clean a gel screen”: It needs to:

  1. Strip the keywords down to absolute essentials
  2. Add specific keywords to narrow the search queue
  3. Strip away empty or weak words

Here’s an example of thinking like a searcher:

Let’s pretend you’re a fiction writer, and you want to know how a puppy sounds howling for the first time because that’s the sort of thing that fiction writers do. So you drop the two basic keywords into YouTube’s search bar: ‘Puppy’ and ‘howl’. Immediately a selection of video suggestions comes up. Which one of these will you click on first? That’s right: “Puppy howling for the first time” because that is exactly what you want to view.

Facebook Live Videos, streaming, Youtube, Business, April Sullivan, EntreLeverage, Followers, Streamer, Viewer

The person who named their video, “Puppy howling for the first time” is going to have his or her video viewed by you straight away, because you supplied her basic essential keywords PLUS her specific instance keywords.

Take it one step further, and throw in the breed and you’re also going to narrow that searcher down to husky lovers. And if you’re a Husky breeder, that’s your buying audience.

Facebook Live Videos, streaming, Youtube, Business, April Sullivan, EntreLeverage, Followers, Streamer, Viewer

To recap, there are really only two types of viewers on YouTube:

  • People looking for specific “how to” information
  • People looking for instant entertainment

Be sure to ask people to subscribe both in your video and in its description.

That’s it for part one! Click below for the next lessons (if you get a “404 page”, the post isn’t live yet.)

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