Want to guess what the number one thing my clients struggle with before they work with me is?

They feel disorganized. They feel like they don’t know what they should be doing. They’re not sure who to hire because they aren’t sure who should do what and when. They don’t know when to use Dropbox or Google Drive or if they should get a project management system. They feel like they don’t really know how to consistently get clients that aren’t referrals.

And do you know why they feel this way?

Sometimes it’s because they truly are disorganized and just don’t know how to fix it. But more common than that, it’s because it seemed like one minute they were just starting out, dreaming of getting real, paying clients, and the next minute they have clients coming in so fast they didn’t have time to keep up.

Does this sound at all like you?

The first piece of advice I give these clients is to choose one main storage center for everything. If you’re just getting started or don’t want to spend money on this right now, I highly recommend using Asana. Asana is considered a project management system, although I think of it as a glorified checklist that can also house documents and be collaborative.

Once you get Asana, create a few projects:

  • Business Operations
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Website Work
  • Goals
  • Clients
  • Work to Outsource

In the Business Operations project, keep a copy of your contracts, list out your service offerings, your onboarding checklist, and all the other processes that you’ll probably repeat with each new client.

In the Editorial Calendar project, keep track of all of your blog post topic ideas and content ideas and links that go with them. Now, whenever you sit down to write your next blog post, everything is in one spot.

The Website Work project is to make note of all the updates you want to make to your website now and in the future. Did you hear about a cool plugin in a Facebook group? Put it in Asana!

Add all of your business goals in your Goals project, and then break them down into easy-to-follow steps using Asana’s sub-tasks feature.

Keep track of your clients and all of their information in the Clients project space, and any specific to-dos you have just for them.

And finally, whenever you come across a task that you can’t do, you don’t want to do or know that you shouldn’t be doing, add them to the Work to Outsource project. This way, when you decide it’s time to find help in your business, you already know exactly where they should start.

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