As far as marketing is concerned, one major advantage experienced by business owners is the opportunity to try different things while exploring new marketing strategies. Small business owners even have more of an intimate relationship with their customers, so these entrepreneurs can analyze a situation, attempt multiple marketing strategies, and then quickly adjust their plan to ensure it becomes more effective. From a digital marketing standpoint, this flexibility is particularly effective as long as the business owner isn’t rigid. If they are willing to stay flexible in their marketing and logo design, they’ll have a major advantage over the competition. This in turn will make it easier to expand their customer base. Are you flexible with your marketing? How about your logo design? We’ll cover some important topics below to discover how quickly you can alter your logo to make it effective in a number of different situations. Does Your Logo Still Appear Effective in a Single Color? You may not think of this particular point when first designing your logo, but you’ll quickly discover situations where your logo will only be printed in one color. So, when you see your logo printed strictly with black ink, as an example, does it still look effective? Does it still convey the message you’re hoping to present to the world? If not, you should consider being more flexible with your current logo design. You may need to change things up so the logo looks better and conveys your message when it’s printed strictly in black ink. It may look phenomenal when printed in color, but if it’s going to look blotchy, faded, or just plain ugly when it’s printed strictly with black ink or another single color, then you definitely have a problem on your hands because you have an ineffective logo and something needs to change. So connect with a professional logo designer if you haven’t already and tell them about your problem. Let them know your logo doesn’t really stand out when it’s printed with a single color. Make sure each individual logo element is distinguishable from the rest after you create a new design, because the brand identity needs to remain intact at all times, even when it’s only being printed with a single color. Speaking of colors, have you chosen a color scheme for your company logo? Or are you having a tough time figuring out where to begin? If you need help figuring out what colors to pick, or you’re just trying to figure out the exact colors used in your current design, you can discover this vital information by clicking this link: Is It Easy to Read Your Logo No Matter the Size? Have you considered the way your logo looks when it’s printed in different sizes? If not, you may have a serious problem on your hands. Your logo may look stretched out, illegible, and kind of ugly at various sizes. This is obviously going to be a major problem because it will make your company look uncaring and unprofessional. As an example, let’s say you’re creating business cards for your company and you plan to put the logo on the corner of the card. Once it’s finally shrunken down to fit on the business card, you discover the words are no longer legible. Your potential customers no longer have the ability to read your important marketing message. Obviously, you need to take steps to fix this problem as soon as possible. You may need to redesign your logo altogether, because you shouldn’t continue to use a logo that your customers and potential customers can’t read. The same holds true when using your logo as an app icon, on the side of a pen, or for any other reason you need to shrink it in order to properly fit where it needs to go. On the opposite side of the coin, let’s say you have to blow up your logo for a large banner for an upcoming conference. How does your logo look when it’s large and in living color? Does it look too stretched out? Is it hard to see the words and image? If so, you’ll need to take the necessary steps to redesign your logo so the stretched out design is no longer a problem. Again, you’ll look very unprofessional if you keep your logo design looking this way. How Does Your Logo Look on Multiple Backgrounds? Last but not least, it’s important to pay attention of the way your logo looks on multiple backgrounds. Does it show up on a black background? How about a white background? How about an orange, red, green, purple, or yellow background? If your logo looks too light or too dark on a particular background, your customers are going to have a difficult time seeing and/or reading it. This is obviously going to present a major problem and make it difficult to successfully brand your company. Before you commit to a particular logo, take time to place it over multiple backgrounds to see how it looks. If it doesn’t look good on all of them, you need to change your design and create one that will look fantastic on every color background you might potentially need to place it on. Conclusion No one ever said designing a high quality, effective logo was going to be easy. Size, background colors, and the way it’s printed could all present major challenges. So use the suggestions we’ve shared today to design an effective logo to improve branding and company credibility.

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