“Creating leverage in your business isn’t just figuring out how to make more money doing less. Creating leverage focuses all the energy you put into your business around that single point – your ambition – so that you can do the most good. Leverage allows you to create more value than you could on your own. It’s the difference between trying to throw a boulder and using a catapult.”

– Tara Gentile, The Art of Growth

Finally, the support you’ve been craving.

At EntreLeverage, we don’t just blindly walk into your business. We have a proven 9 step process that will take you from stressed-out to streamlined, and we aim to do this in 90 days or less. There are 3 main phases of our process:




Many agencies working with small business owners fail to support their clients at the level we do because they don’t take the time to get to know the business and the people behind it before implementing systems.

They take a “one size fits all” approach because it’s easier. They want you to think if their solution doesn’t help you, then there is something wrong with your business, not theirs.

Sorry, but that’s simply not true. Every business and every business owner are unique and deserve specialized attention.

When you partner with EntreLeverage, we’ll walk through our business assessment process with you making sure that you have all of the right foundational systems in place before we go any further.

I know, you’d probably rather have us jump in and take over your social media marketing or designing your website, but if we do that before the foundational systems are strong, you’re throwing your money around without a strategy.

Besides, don’t you want the team that you’re hiring to fully understand your business inside and out before they get started?

As a smart business owner, of course you do!

Click the button below to schedule a discovery call. During that call, we’ll talk about your unique business, and I’ll explain our 9 step process to you, and we’ll see if we’re a match.

April is very knowledgeable and her coaching makes you feel like you can move forward in your business.

After a year of trial and error, I signed up with April and after my first session I had clarity and understanding of what I was doing wrong and so much I was missing. April is a solid business woman, great personality and full of knowledge. She is not afraid to show you what you need to do to move out of your own way and she is willing to re-invest in you.

Tracy Carson

Social Media Specialist, Curated Conversations

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