“Creating leverage in your business isn’t just figuring out how to make more money doing less. Creating leverage focuses all the energy you put into your business around that single point – your ambition – so that you can do the most good. Leverage allows you to create more value than you could on your own. It’s the difference between trying to throw a boulder and using a catapult.”

– Tara Gentile, The Art of Growth

Finally, the support you’ve been craving.

Are you finally at the place in your business where you need ongoing or daily support?  Someone who will free up YOUR time so that you can focus your time and energy on the things that only YOU can do in your business: marketing, sales, client work, product development, strategic alliances and big picture business planning?  All of those are essential to the growth of your business, but you can’t grow if you’re managing and hiring alone.

EntreLeverage offers support in 3 main areas of your business: administrative, marketing and creative services. When you hire us, you’re not simply buying a service, you’re leveraging a new role in your business.


If you’re a busy entrepreneur actively looking for someone as committed to your business as you are, our leveraged support packages are perfect for you. Our packages bring together the 3 core areas of a healthy business I mentioned above, and the necessary roles that will help your business run at the highest level.

Is leveraged support right for you? We always start out with a phone consultation which generally takes between 30 and 60 minutes to see if we’re a good fit for one another. If we are, we’ll work together to determine which level of service is right for you.

All packages include me, April, as your consultant and operations manager. I then delegate your tasks and requests to your dedicated support team and work within your monthly budget. I will always be your main point of contact unless you have built a great relationship with or are working specifically with another team member.

The 3 Core Departments

We focus on the 3 core “departments” of every online business (whether you’re selling services or products) which are Administrative, Marketing and Creative/Technical. In each of these departments are the necessary roles that enable your business to run properly. My team & I then carry out the tasks within these roles, helping your business to run better.

We have packages for entrepreneurs in every stage of their business. Please click on the business stage that you are currently in below to see the packages available to you.


entreleverage | april sullivan | online business manager | virtual assistant
entreleverage | april sullivan | online business manager | virtual assistant
entreleverage | april sullivan | online business manager | virtual assistant

*We also provide accounting and technical assistance as an add-on for new and existing clients. You cannot hire us solely for these purposes.

Let's Chat About the Right Support For YOU!

I'd love to schedule a free 30-minute, no obligation call with you to help you decide if my team and I are the support you need.

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