We are a boutique online business management team focused on helping you run your business with systems and ease.

Our online business management team consists of virtual assistants who have a powerful combination of business know-how & the ability to get it all done. Yes, please!

At EntreLeverage, we work with entrepreneurs by taking on their administrative, marketing, creative, and tech tasks. We create your systems, and we slay your to-do lists.

We provide the team that stands behind you, the systems that support you, and the leverage that you need to keep your business growing and thriving day in and day out. In other words we free up your time so you can focus YOUR time and energy on the things only YOU can do in your business.

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

What Makes EntreLeverage Different?

Passion.  I am a systems person. I never really realized it until “systems” and “systematizing” became buzz words, but finding or creating the perfect way to make things work better has always been a part of me. When I was a little girl, I had a system for how I kept up with which Barbie was dating which Ken. Growing up and working in my grandparent’s hardware store, I marveled at all of the systems my grandparents created on their own to build a thriving store in the center of their community. When my husband and I opened up a mortgage brokerage, I recreated those systems that I learned at such a young age. As a mom running my daughter’s girl scout troop, I taught my girls to break down badge requirements into repeatable steps to streamline the process. I didn’t know it, but systems have always been the root of how I operate.

My Fascinate Archetype is The Talent, which is Passion + Prestige. This means I enjoy getting to know new people and skills. I project an ability to be successful at anything I touch because I intently focus on improving my skills. I dream big and I strive for excellence, and I am a respected team member. Pretty perfect for my line of work! My personality type is INFJ-T which solidifies the fact that I’m doing exactly what I was born to do.

Our Talented Team of Virtual Assistants

We don’t just take on the tasks that you need completed, we actually fill roles within your business. Need blog posts written? We have a virtual assistant that specializes in content creation that will do that for you. Need someone to post on Facebook and Twitter? No problem, you’ll have your very own social media manager who will do that for you. Do you need some new graphics for your website? Easy. Your graphic designer will take care of everything. We have a team of virtual assistants who are each specialized in their own fields that will be assigned to you to help take over those tasks you don’t need to be focused on.

Here is a list of the roles our online business management team of virtual assistants are ready to take over for you:

Administrative Roles

  • Personal Assistant
  • Customer Support Manager
  • General Administrator

Marketing Roles

  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Creator
  • Content Marketer

Creative & Technical Roles

  • Online Presence Manager
  • Website Developer
  • Graphic Designer

And the best part of having all of these roles filled within your company by one team, is that they are all lead and coordinated by your own operations and online business manager, April. Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it?


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About April Sullivan

Supporting entrepreneurs like you is my passion.  Having built my own successful virtual assistant & online business management business, I understand the challenges you face daily.  Things like website issues, marketing plans, creating systems, business burnout, and just finding time to get things done!

Sound familiar?

Most people come to me when they feel stuck, like they can’t move forward without some help.  Others come to me because they’re moving at such a fast pace they need someone to jump in and keep up. Boosting productivity, tech woes, up a creek without a team. Whatever your reason may be, I’m glad you’re here.

Once you decide we’re the right fit we’ll hop on the phone and do a massive brain-drain, going through your never-ending to-do list. I’ll let you know what you should be doing, what we can do for you, and what (if anything) you need to outsource to someone else.  I love the clarity that these calls bring!

My main role at EntreLeverage is to provide strategic support to my clients, support and manage my team, and spread the word about how we can help others.  I also am the girl behind Agent-Leverage and 1/3 of REVA Academy.

Want to know a little about me personally?  I am a 30-something mom of four, living in So Cal wine country with my Real Estate Broker husband.  We love boating, wakeboarding, and camping; we travel (when we can), we go wine tasting, and we go to a lot of kid’s sporting and creative arts events.  We are both entrepreneurs who fully embrace living life on our own terms, and we are forever unable to change that. You can follow me on Instagram or connect on Facebook.

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April Sullivan worked as a solo Virtual Assistant for 10 years before deciding to expand her business into a full online business management suite. She wanted to be able to offer more services to her clients. She’s now been helping entrepreneurs just like your as an online business manager for 2 years. In that time she’s had a wide variety of clients. So head on over to our Happy Clients page to read testimonials from the multitude of people she’s helped over the years! Or if you’re interested in what services we offer head over to our Packages page, and see what we can offer you!

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